NextProf for University of Michigan


NextProf for University of Michigan is a one-and a half-day workshop designed to encourage University of Michigan doctoral students and postdocs, with demonstrated commitment to diversity and excellence in engineering and science, to consider an exciting and rewarding career in engineering academia. The workshop agenda offers sessions tailored to early engineering PhD students as well as senior-level PhD students and postdocs nearing their academic search.  During this dynamic workshop, participants attend sessions describing life as a faculty member, expectations of new faculty, and resources available to assist in the preparation of the path to academia. These sessions offer participants unique opportunities to network with deans, administrators, faculty, and subject-matter experts from the University of Michigan and across the country.   

Note:  Nextprof for University of Michigan is exclusive to University of Michigan applicants:  engineering PhD candidates (all years) and postdocs.  Senior-level PhD candidates and Postdoctoral applicants may also apply to the Fall Engineering Workshop.

University of Michigan PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers interested in academic careers may also apply to a host of workshops under the Rackham-CRLT Preparing Future Faculty series.   

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2017 workshop schedule coming soon.